Monday, August 27, 2012

A History of Violence

Missy Ensler needs to stop thinking with her c**t. To irresponsibly suggest (as she did in this article) that the rape epidemic in the Congo is on par with: "...anywhere in the United States, South Africa, Britain, Egypt, India, Philippines, most college campuses in America..." is like comparing the Holocaust to Abu Ghraib! and all this from a woman who -in her one hit wonder the V monologues- sanctions the rape of a minor (as long as the abuse is committed by an adult female via a young girl)!...She has also rocked rough and stuff by referring to her puff as a's amazing how this delusional fact bender is still shooting blanks after all these years!

Sorry this had to be a quickie Eve, but it's really all you are worth old gal.
So in closing (although I do understand that you are not a fan of closure) Here is another fruit from the tree of life that you can gnaw on: While most of us get the concept that ALL rape is violent, there are levels. I now ask you to imagine for instance, a lesbian "date" rape committed by a senior anthropology major against a confused freshman in some college dorm somewhere in Britain as compared to the gang rape of an infant committed by a group of ape-like, pseudo-militants in the Congo that involves cutting off the victim's genitals in front of her family! In your naive assessment of rape (in which all is equal) there then should be no elevated level of punishment in the far more severe cases of rape that involve say torture or dismemberment.

Boy! They must LOVE you over there in the The Democratic Republic of the Congo...keep it simple.

Ensler article:

Friday, August 10, 2012

Pleasure Principal

Here is yet another recent post from Jerry Saltz emasculating the West:

Jerry Saltz: 1. In Western art there is a prohibition against pleasure.
2. In Asian art the depiction of pleasure is common.
3. In African art the depiction of pleasure is common.

Again, this is one of our "elected" voices. Has Jerry missed the entire cannon of Western Erotic art?!!...and if we are speaking contemporary erotic pleasure prohibition, there are countries like say CHINA and NORTH KOREA that are as culturally asexual as it gets; frigidity as a policy.
...and what about African art?...the sexuality that is found is visually one dimensional and cliche like much tribal art...hardly sexy. Saltz needs to (re-?)read (review) some Bataille, Miller, Freud, Balthus, Bellmer, Tom of Findland, R. Crumb, Grosz, Fellini, Victorian era erotica, erotic art from ancient Greece, erotic art from ancient Rome etc. just for starters.

...and in regards to prohibition, remember, the more you abstain the more powerful the release. Not to mention innovative (creative) circumventive measures that make the forbidden fruit far more sexy!

Above image: 
Le Poitevin's diableries circa 1830

Miles off the mark

60 Minutes interview with Miles Davis yields this piece of coal...  

Quote: "White musicians seem to lag behind the beat..."

Oh Miles, you silly black man (sigh)...
OK then, so white musicians seem to lag behind the beat?!? Well, which beat would that be? lol, and which white musicians?..., did he mean musicians like John McLaughlin (his featured guitarist on Bitches Brew)?, or Dave Holland whom Miles hand picked for inclusion into his band to replace (African American) Ron Carter? or what about the unrelated Buddy Rich who possessed a "beat" of which would certainly have left poor old Miles behind in the dust and sucking wind?! These are just three examples...I could list for days. C'mon man...what an ignorant, bigoted comment. Note: Miles went on to cheese out for a decade before his death.
...well I know one thing, that white NYC cop who busted Miles up in between sets at the Birdland club back in 59' didn't lag behind the beat either! lol