Thursday, April 12, 2012

When the left hand can't see what the right hand is doing

One of my primary concerns with this Kinkade debate is the intensity in which some of these open-minded artists attack a fellow artist...a recently deceased fellow artist at that. Many of these verbal digs are in bad taste at the very least and are outright hateful on the extreme end of the spectrum; some of which are masked behind clever verbiage or tactical humor but none the less, the message is clear. This over the top discourse is specific to a sanctioned mindset that allows the art world -as the case may be- concessions towards overt aggression aimed at the white Christian conservative male (irregardless of specifics in some cases). It seems that targeting this group is the path of least resistance within our tribe in which base human pack mentality and bigoted aggression is allowed to go unchecked. I may even go so far as to suggest that this overcompensation is in response to the decades of suppression of innate aggressive tendencies (via multiculturalism) in liberal-minded white progressives. In other words, this forced system of tolerance has created and nurtured a backlash in which the white Christian conservative male is the only outlet left for intellectuals to freely express their natural tendencies toward collective aggressive behavior. With this in mind, let's not forget that the enlightened academia in Germany played a big part in helping secure Hitler's reign...hell, even Jung was not immune. Bad history tends to repeat itself when the left hand fails to see what the right hand is doing. but hey, this is all just coffee-house speculation coming from a pseudo social scientist/art critic who doesn't believe in a it should be taken with a grain of salt. 

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