Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Double dealing

In light of all this Kinkade bashing from the art world, let's talk about contemporary artist Hunt Slonem over at Marlborough
Hunt Slonem, is the secular art world's accepted, approved and very $uccessful master of "worthless schmaltz" or to go further with what critic Jerry Saltz originally wielded at Thomas Kinkade: "Unoriginal rote things done in his perfectly conventional, balanced people-pleasing way... confected conglomerations of things people wanted to think they wanted to think about, democratic paintings whose meanings are hidden from no one, whose appeal is to not to vex or disturb, to produce doubt or newness." Slonem’s work fits this description well; in fact you could apply most of Saltz’s scathing Kinkade article to Hunt’s entire body of work and career.

I challenge any art world critic including the “bullshit detector” Walter Robinson, Charlie Finch, Roberta Smith or that pesky husband of hers to take up the challenge and write (in the negative) about Slonem's sugar-coated paintings that any truthful assessment would render “a cliché that has already been told.” This beloved darling gets a free pass with his "hotel art" it seems. The challenge stands.

I doubt, in fact I guarantee that this challenge will NEVER be taken up by ANY critic of consequence in our very open-ended and open-minded tribe (did I mention that I am not a critic of consequence?...yet). Oh you arrogant, exclusive, crooked, decadent, politically-biased, short-sighted, narrow minded, pack-driven art world...I love you.

Hunt Slonem (born July 18, 1951) Since 1977, Slonem has had over 150 solo exhibitions. Over 75 museums internationally include his work in their collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum, both in New York. Hunt owns several homes including two Plantations in Louisiana and the Cordt Mansion in Hudson, New York, as well as several lofts in New York City.

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