Friday, October 7, 2011

This is not about art #2: Man up ladies

The "slutwalk" was organised after a NYPD officer 'advised' women in Park Slope not to wear short skirts in light of at least 10 unsolved sexual attacks that have occurred in the area.

Nice interpretation of  "The Mans" warning ladies.

This makes me think back to a simpler time - New York City 1976. There was this pesky serial killer that was terrorizing the city and he went by the name of "Son of Sam" (the guy who took his instructions from a black dog) remember him? What many people might not remember is that by the summer of 1977 all the shooting victims up to that point had long, dark hair. As a result of this, thousands of women in New York dyed or cut their hair and beauty supply stores could not keep up with the demand for blond wigs.

If David Berkowitz (the killer) were to like slutty attire and the NYPD 'advised' women not to wear short skirts in light of the killers would not have been an issue at that time I assure you.
Police also created traps for Berkowitz when he began to target couples. They used undercover officers posed as lovers parked in isolated areas, hoping to catch him and couples were encouraged to abstain from making out in cars. Sounds like damn good advise to me and at the time most people were eager to take that advise...the smart ones anyway. Fast forward to 2011 and we can assume by Slut movement logic, telling a grown man and woman to abstain from making out in cars would amount to the suppression of heterosexual activity by the NYPD; It would most surely be interpreted as the police blaming the targeted lovers for the murders.

What's up with people today? Maybe contemporary society feels safer, stronger and in relative control of themselves and the environment around them. I don't know, but I am a fairly strong man who can take care of myself  if put in a hairy situation.Yet, I am very much aware that the world is a shaky place and yes the city is still dangerous.
Well, people do not want to be told what to do in a free, progressive society and they should not have to yield to suggestions from some random authority figure with outmoded opinions on safety.
Ok then gals, march on but I don't have to remind you that some men are dogs and that Son of Sam was a real bitch! ...Be safe and stay strong.

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